William Onyeabor - William Onyeabor Vol. 2 Vinyl Box Set 4LP


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MP3 download card.
4 original albums.
16 page 7" booklet ("An Elusive Mystery Man Of Music") by Michael Rubin.
Bonus 7" single of William Onyeabor's "Body & Soul" by Peaking Lights.

Tracklist - Crashes In Love (Second Version) - 1977 A1 Something You'll Never Forget A2 Ride On Baby B1 Crashes In Love B2 Heaven & Hell Body And Soul - 1980 C1 The Way To Win Your Love C2 Poor Boy D1 Body And Soul D2 Believe In God Hypertension - 1982 E1 The Moon And The Sun E2 Papa Na Mama F1 Hypertension F2 Politicians Good Name - 1983 G Let's Fall In Love H Good Name Body & Soul / Onyeabor I Body & Soul Performer – Peaking Lights J Onyeabor


William Onyeabor - William Onyeabor Volume 2 Vinyl Box Set 4LP