George Carlin – On The Road Vinyl Record

Track List  -- A1 On The Road 4:49 Death And Dying 14:02 A2a Laugh? I Thought I'd Die 3:10 A2b Suicide And Reincarnation 2:27 A2c The Funeral 2:10 A2d Random Thoughts On The Perfect Murder, The Last Meal And Flashbacks 2:15 A2e Two Minute Warning 3:58 - A3 Head Lines 4:24 B1 Kids Are Too Small 3:10 B2 Rules, Rules, Rules! 2:35 B3 Parents' Cliches And Childrens Secret Answers 3:24 B4 Words We Leave Behind 1:27 B5 How's Your Dog? 5:06 B6 Supermarkets 7:08