Black Mass Of Absu ‎- Complete Discography 1995–2000 2LP Vinyl Record


Condition: Vinyl Record: (Mint) Sleeve: (Near Mint)

Tracklist- A1 Ave Sathanas A2 Black Genesis A3 Dragging The Putrid, Rotted Corpse Of Christ From It's Filthy, Rancid Tomb A4 Homosexual Orgy On The Gravesite Of Alastair Crowley A5 Trudging To Calvary A6 Dark Revelation B1 Shelter B2 Mercury Thermometer Shattered Within The Urethra Of Christ B3 The Judgement Of The False Prophet Jesus Christ By The Justice Of Annubis B4 Purification In The Precious Flames Of Hades B5 Your Soul Belongs To The Goat B6 Strangled By The Tail Of Lucifer B7 The Bloody Feast Of Our Horned Savior C1 The Inquisition C2 Servant Of The Darklord C3 Rise Of The Unholy Beast C4 H.I.V. Infected Blood Of Christ C5 Urine Soaked Purity C6 Virgin Sodomy And Decapitation D1 Vile Odor Of Shit D2 Scrotum Detachment By Meat Cleaver D3 Burn In Hell D4 Harder Than Goat Feces In Winter D5 Dark Sword Of Abaddon D6 Satan's Supper