Hilary Knight Quotes with Photos and Video Interviews

"It was awesome. When you’re younger and you see the NHL players on TV, you want to be like them one day. So having the opportunity to skate with the guys and fulfill that part of my dream was an incredible feeling... I was the first actual female skater to practice with an NHL team, so it was a historic moment. But it was fun. It felt like I was playing with my brothers. I hope one day I will be able to play in a game in the NHL, not just practice." " I would always go to school then go play hockey. Whatever was happening in my life would never come into the arena. When I get out there, I’m like a little kid again—everything in the world just washes away.. it’s been a really good.. to relieve stress." ": My max right now is 169 pounds. I have a different style of lifting, because I have fractures in my back. I can’t do cleans and hangs and Olympic lifts, so we have to get creative with kettlebells." "....At first, I felt like I was put into this box because I played hockey. I thought that I was viewed a certain way, and I shouldn’t wear certain clothes. Finally, I stepped aside and said, 'that’s someone else’s creation of me. I can be feminine and be strong.’"