5 of the best fashion trends of the 90s


Okay, let’s get straight to this. 

1. The Backward Cap

I guess you wouldn’t believe this fashion was originated in the 90s. Although, it is still seen amidst us but then in the 90s, you can’t just easily not want to try it after Will Smith made it a fancy trend right after Chuck D in the Public enemy.

2. Round Waist Sweater

Funny as it may sound or appears to be, you can’t just seem to earmark the fact that the trend of knotting a sweater around your waist actually originated in the 90s. This was on the high side of fashion and even I as a child, I was not found wanting in such fashion trend.

3. Flat Tops

This particular hairstyle was a hit in the 90s. Do you remember the Kid ‘n Play, the X-Men’s Colossus? These fellas made everyone crave for this hairstyle. Even the Bo Jackson crew were not exempted.

4. The Overalls

Maybe we should give Will Smith some credit for his contribution to the fashion trend in the 90s. Will in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, gave a major boost to the trend of wearing overalls with one strap being left out and after then, the wave of the hit was a massive one, trust me.

5. The flannel trend

My list will never be complete without the flannel. Everyone was really into the flannel movement. If you are not wearing a flannel both as a man or a woman in the 90s, you are simply not part of the rave of the moment. One thing about it also is that it is never buttoned except if you are the Bounty Mascot but I guess you are not.



 90s Styles from Clueless, Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell

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So right now, feel free and bring back the sense of nostalgia with whatever trend you so much desire but as for me, join me in my next article and I will tell you my favorite one.


I might not be a pro in writing fashion-type articles but one thing am sure must have caught your attention, is the fact that am going to be writing about 5 of the best fashion trends from the 90s, exactly, that’s the point! You will agree with me that the 90s was a period filled with music and pop culture but trust me, the style wasn’t as dope – or do you think it was? I need no soothsayer to tell me that this will definitely bring back a sense of nostalgia so I had better align my pen on paper with our first trend.