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John Beltran - In Full Color Vinyl Record 2LP

Orange is the New Black - Soundtrack Vinyl Record LP

  • New Sealed
  • RSD 2015 LP
Tracklist -- A1 I Don't Need Your Cornbread 2:04 A2 Crazy Peppers 3:03 A3 Toilet To Myself 1:06 A4 Don't Make Me Cut You 1:53 A5 Bra And Panties 1:19 A6 Everybody Loves Dayanara 2:24 A7 Eat The World 2:10 A8 Fun With Cigarettes 0:56 A9 Chapman's Angle 1:41 A10 Tables And Clicks 2:22 A11 Score One For Pennsatucky 2:30 B1 Exit The Pornstache 4:02 B2 Rocker Lezzy Girlfriend 1:09 B3 Alex In The Dryer 3:02 B4 Enter The Healy 2:31 B5 Less Feisty More Heisty 2:52 B6 No No Yes No No 1:27 B7 Boil And Bubble 2:26 B8 Fly On Little Wing 2:55 B9 Red Sees Red 1:12