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Aesop Rock ‎– Float Green Colored Vinyl Record

Dune - Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record 2020 Reissue

  • New Sealed
  • 2020, LP, Reissue
      Tracklist -- A1 –Toto Prologue 1:47 A2 –Toto Main Title 1:15 A3 –Toto Robot Fight 1:18 A4 –Toto Leto's Theme 1:43 A5 –Toto The Box 2:37 A6 –Toto The Floating Fat Man (The Baron) 1:24 A7 –Toto Trip To Arrakis 2:35 A8 –Toto First Attack 2:43 A9 –Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno Prophecy Theme Producer – Brian Eno 4:19 B1 –Toto Dune (Desert Theme) 5:30 B2 –Toto Paul Meets Chani 3:04 B3 –Toto Prelude (Take My Hand) 0:59 B4 –Toto Paul Takes The Water Of Life 2:48 B5 –Toto Big Battle 3:06 B6 –Toto Paul Kills Feyd 1:51 B7 –Toto Final Dream 1:25 B8 –Toto Take My Hand 2:35